Schedule of Working Times


Dies for Ditching 2 Days Solder Connection 3 Days
Dies for Plaster Transfers 4 Days Laser Weld Connection 3 Days
Crown & Bridge Framework for Try-In 7 Days All Ceramic Crowns (Layered) 10 Days
Full Cast Crowns or Onlays 8 Days All Ceramic Crowns (Monolithic) 8 Days
Crowns and Bridges for Porcelain to completion 10 Days Precision Attachments or Precision Milling to Completion 10 Days
Porcelain Laminates or Inlays 10 Days  Crown Under Partial*
*(If we can keep the partial the whole time. Please call ahead.)
5 Days
Maryland Bridge taken to completion 10 Days Implant Abutment and Crown 4 Weeks

NOTE: LAB ONE’s hours of operations are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please do not include the day of pick-up or shipping arrival in your turn around schedule. Special requests are always taken into consideration, with special handling of rush cases, when possible. However, if LAB ONE is operating at maximum capacity, we may ask for additional turn around time.

Please contact TERRY HILES with any scheduling questions you may have.