Monolithic All Ceramic

With our in-house CAD/CAM suite, Lab One Dental provides consistent quality for the insurance driven portion of your practice through our monolithic zirconia and pressed e.max offerings. Affordably priced, these restorations are the answer to the low reimbursement of your patients’ insurance providers, while you have the confidence of our craftsmanship and service.

These products are CAD/CAM designed, milled, and either pressed, hand stained and glazed, or milled, hand stained, sintered then glazed per your preferences and specifications, all in-house at Lab One. This careful process guarantees predictable and consistent results to help your bottom line.

“I have been using e.max monolithic lithium disilicate crowns from Lab One over the past two years for most posterior teeth and have absolutely loved them!! To date, there have been zero fractures or chips–zero. If you provide the technician with one millimeter of axial reduction, I believe you could drive a car over these crowns. Lab One presses the crowns, so the fit has been remarkable — they fully seat with no “rolling around.” Should I have a short tooth and need to place vertical slots for retention, the pressing process picks up these slots and they are incorporated into the final crown.

I can not be more delighted with Lab One’s e.max monolithic crowns and would highly recommend them for all posterior teeth.” 

Jerry Caravas, DDS
Virginia Beach, VA