Precision Attachments


Combination work was the driving force that inspired Lab One Dental to become full service from a strictly removable laboratory back in the 1990’s. Unlike many labs, at Lab One, it is the removable division that dictates the type and placement of precision attachments. This ensures adequate space for denture teeth and optimum esthetic results when the final prosthesis is delivered.

The technical staff at Lab One is well versed in almost any attachment system, whether it is an antiquated retrofitted case or one of the popular systems of today. We can provide an outline of the required steps from beginning to delivery because of our knowledge and experience.

“I have been fabricating precision attachment partial dentures with Lab One for 28 years. The fit and retention, not to mention the esthetic results, are phenomenal. For those patients who cannot commit to implants for a completely fixed case, a fixed removable is ideal.”  

Eric Smith, DDS

Newport News, VA