About Our Norfolk Dental Lab

Established in 1980, Lab One Dental was founded in Norfolk, Virginia by Mr. William (Bill) Willits, CDT, as a removable appliance dental laboratory. Mr. Willits was joined in 1981 by his daughter, Karen M. Crace CDT. Lab One Dental flourished during this era because of its commitment to excellence and continuing education, eventually winning the Harry Hagman award for innovation. Mrs. Crace immersed herself into publishing many articles in various trade journals while training and becoming a world-class denture technician through personal teaching and training by Dr. (Jack) Turbyfill. Bill and Karen continued to expand the lab through reputation followed by referrals and it became apparent that a leap into full service was necessary to accommodate the growing demand for services, particularly combination work.

Mr. Bill Willits achieved retirement in 2008 and the legacy of Lab One Dental is continued with Karen Crace ever-present at the helm. She makes herself available to assist the clients served by Lab One at all times, while still enjoying her career at the bench, where her real passion is.

Today, with a staff of over 30, Lab One Dental continues its tradition of offering value-based, quality oriented dental appliances. Lab One serves dentists both locally and nationally, offering a range of services from CAD/CAM generated all ceramic, precision crowns, bridges and implants to Ivocap precision processed, hand-tinted dentures. Of course, Lab One still produces all of the conventionally proven appliances such as: PFMs, feldspathic porcelain veneers, Molloplast denture softliners and stock abutment implants.

Lab One Dental is committed to offering the best in quality dental restorations and appliances, while hosting world class, renowned speakers to continue educating its staff and clients together.

“In my opinion, LAB ONE may have the finest group of technicians on the East Coast! Even though I practice in Maryland, they feel like they are next door. Their quality is rarely found and their customer service can not be topped. I am proud to call them my laboratory.”    

Paul Gauthier, DDS                                                                                     Frederick and Hagerstown, MD